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Jerome AMON

Graduated Telecoms & Network Engineer (BAC E+5)

Solutions Consultant / Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Engineer

NEURONES TECHNOLOGIES  (CISCO Premier & NIL Data Communications Partner)
4 x CCNA ( RSv5, Voice, Collaboration, Video ) & IPv6 Certified Engineer

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Jerome Amon, 4 x CCNA (RSv5, Collaboration,Voice,Video) is a  Graduated Telecoms & Network Engineer (BAC E + 5) from  Polytechnique Institute of Yamoussoukro, that makes 18 years  of studies whitout repetition. After, getting his BEPC with  honour, he still continues on the road to be the best student  by mainting the position of 1st in secondary level, and achieve  one of his goal which is "Be the national major at  Baccalaureate E". Yes, Amon is the national major at  Baccalaureate serial E session 2009 !.

Prior to this brillant and no fault path at School, he got a  scholarship to study in Canada but due to some reasons he has  been rerouted  to the best and prestigous polytechnical school  of West Africa (INPHB) where he prouved his high background  in mathematics and science and still maintain his  renowned  [small names : Twenty, Millman, Lagrange, MPLS  OSPF .Net  Guy ].

After, his glorious path in MPSI/MP* field  into preparatory  classes, he succeeded to the context of Engineering School by  getting in the Telecoms & Network field. He started there ,  based on his  social and quick understanding skills,  to share his  knowledge by training into programming (JEE/C#/WPF/BATCH),  Networking (IPv6/Routing/Switching/MPLS), System (Linux  Sec/Servers Conf), Telecoms (UMTS/VoIP/LTE).
Amon Jerome was already at this stage the president of an  English Club and the Chief Instructor within his group.  Actually, he leads of group of Bachelor students into  technologies  and started share his poor knownledge on internet  ( He worked in the Radio  Optimization Team at Orange CI (Telcoms operator) where he  lead a specific theme :"Study and Optimization of power on the  radio link to improve the quality of service: Case of 3G network  of Orange CI" in collaboration with Alcatel Lucent Engineers.  Yes! He optimized the 3G of Orange..

Actually, he works on the title of Solutions Consultant at  Neurones Technologies, a CISCO Premier Patner and NIL Data  Communications Patner; where he works as  Pre-Sales and  Post-Sale engineer, his everyday job is focused on Network  Design & implementation, Virtualisation, Security (Fortinet and  Cisco), Unified Collaboration, Service Providers, Data Centers,  Programming,IT equipments quotation, and Customer Training  and IT Advisor. For him, to live is also to share! .

When he's not at work, Jerome enjoys playing football, sharing  on blogs, Coaching freely some students, reading, watching,  asking, preparing its certifications and investigating for his  End-to-End All IT Architect goal and other coded project  name "Bb-nEtE"...

If you have an offer for him, whatever online, remote,  freelance, consultant, contractor, full time position, please fell  free to contact him at [email protected]; Skype:  jeromemerci. He can easily help your bussiness grow or share  on great Techno with you. Thanks in advance!.


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