Expert Analysis
The Problem With SDN
Lori MacVittie, Commentary
Software-defined networking is associated with both management and orchestration, but doesn't really address management.
By Lori MacVittie ,
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Using The Network To Diagnose Application Problems
Network Computing, ContributorCommentary
IT pros can help developers by analyzing network traffic to track down application issues.
By Alec Peterson, CTO, SparkPost ,
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The Top 4 SD-WAN Myths
Faisal Khan, Technology BloggerCommentary
Software-defined WAN is hot, but there are misconceptions about the technology. We cut through the hype.
By Faisal Khan Technology Blogger,
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IT Spending In 2016: Slower Growth Expected
Network Computing Editors, News
Forecast for IT budgets this year indicates less growth and priorities on security, business applications, and network infrastructure.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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3D NAND: The Hard Disk Drive Killer
Chris M Evans,  IT consultantCommentary
Flash storage technology has evolved into a mainstream choice for enterprises and is poised to leave HDDs in the dust.
By Chris M Evans IT consultant,
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Hottest Tech Jobs Of 2016
Susan Fogarty, Editor in Chief
If finding a new job in 2016 is among your New Year's resolutions, look no further than these tech positions in the most demand.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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The New Network Management Tactic: Bandwidth On Demand
Kevin Riley, CTO & Vice President of Engineering, SonusCommentary
BoD promises a streamlined method to help enterprises manage rapidly changing network demands.
By Kevin Riley CTO & Vice President of Engineering, Sonus,
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IT Support: Bridging The Generation Gap
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network Computing
Millennials will place new demands on IT support teams, according to a study by CompTIA.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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2016 Cloud Forecast: Aligning With Enterprise Needs
Tim Brophy, Global Cloud Architect, Dimension DataCommentary
The new year will bring new hybrid and private cloud services that aim to meet enterprise demand for increased efficiency while maintaining compliance.
By Tim Brophy Global Cloud Architect, Dimension Data,
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Smart Cities Need Reliable IoT Connections
Steve Woo, VP Products and Co-Founder, VeloCloudCommentary
Software-defined WAN can help smart cities of the future ensure IoT services function smoothly.
By Steve Woo VP Products and Co-Founder, VeloCloud,
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Security Measures For Today's Networks
Network Computing, ContributorCommentary
In an increasingly sophisticated threat environment, organizations need to ramp up their network security beyond firewalls and virus scanners.
By Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management, KEMP Technologies ,
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The Data Center In 2016: Automation Takes Hold
Lori MacVittie, Commentary
Next year will see increased demand for data center automation and orchestration frameworks and tools, including NFV and OpenStack.
By Lori MacVittie ,
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Build The Infrastructure For Big Data's 3 Stages
Lenny Liebmann, Founding Partner, Morgan Armstrong
Learn the essentials to construct a shared-service pipeline that leverages a common set of infrastructure resources while still offering flexibility.
By Lenny Liebmann Founding Partner, Morgan Armstrong,
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5 Fundamental Requirements For High-Performing Networks
Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds
A new set of network essentials is necessary to meet the challenges of today's network administration and management.
By Leon Adato Head Geek, SolarWinds,
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What Could LiFi Mean For Enterprise WiFi?
Lee Badman, Network Engineer & Wireless Technical LeadCommentary
There's a lot of hype these days about LiFi. While the light-based technology is promising, it won't replace WiFi in the enterprise anytime soon.
By Lee Badman Network Engineer & Wireless Technical Lead,
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Managing Performance In SDN And NFV Environments
Vess Bakalov, CTO & Co-Founder, SevOneCommentary
Gauging service quality in an SDN/NFV network requires looking at every layer that makes up your application.
By Vess Bakalov CTO & Co-Founder, SevOne,
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Decoding SMTP Authentication Using Wireshark
Tony Fortunato, Owner, The Technology FirmEducation
In this video, Tony Fortunato shows how Wireshark can decrypt the Base54 encoding on an SMTP trace file.
By Tony Fortunato Owner, The Technology Firm,
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Troubleshooting Video Applications
Peter Welcher, Architect & Infrastructure Practice Lead, NetCraftsmenCommentary
Peter Welcher explains how he diagnosed performance problems with a TCP-based video application used at a hospital.
By Peter Welcher Architect & Infrastructure Practice Lead, NetCraftsmen,
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SD-WAN: Streamlining Branch Office Connectivity
Brendan Ziolo, Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-LucentCommentary
Traditional WANs are expensive and complex. Enterprises can tackle the problem by extending SDN from the data center to the WAN.
By Brendan Ziolo Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent,
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Why We Need To Move Beyond Passwords
Isaac Potoczny-Jones, Research Lead of Computer Security at GaloisCommentary
Password security is inadequate as mobile devices proliferate and the Internet of Things ecosystem expands.
By Isaac Potoczny-Jones Research Lead of Computer Security at Galois,
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